So many new things going on and I am not prioritizing my blog time! I am hoping making this more of a priority will be one of these new changes.
In the meantime…
I have registered my new business name with the state of Hawaii – Mauka Girl Creations. The catalyst to doing this is a bill introduced into the Hawaii State Senate that would allow cottage food production in the state of Hawaii. For a state as isolated as we are, self sustainability is not just a buzzword, it is a priority. Economically this law could be huge for the state. People would be able to create their products and actually make some money to support their families. And, for me, to do the work I love, in the place I love, would be such delicious icing on the cake! So I am closely following the bill’s progress and submitting testimony when I can. My hope is to keep things updated here!
And I have also started a new job as the production manager at the Kauai Juice Co. This is a fantastic small business that started out making delicious kombucha and kale chips. 2 months ago they began producing cold pressed juices and nut milks that are so healthy and so ono (delicious).  For more on what they do you can always check out their website at They actually approached me, having heard about my chef training. It was an exciting and humbling day for me – having a friend with enough faith in me to recommend me for the management position, and the owners of the juice company having the faith and trust in her to go for it and hire me on the spot. Everyone is very excited!
And, the final big change about to occur is the building of a gourmet pantry! The one thing lacking in our wonderful home is the kind of kitchen storage I really need. We buy in bulk, I do a lot of canning, and we own large kitchen equipment (yes, yes, as well as a lot of kitchen equipment…) So I just happened to say to my husband, “could you imagine how awesome it would be if the guest room was a pantry?” And by saying it out loud, I could not stop thinking about it. So we have agreed the guest room is to become a pantry! After an office/craft room, a walk in pantry has always been a dream room to have. The progress of the transition will hopefully be documented here!
So, busy, busy – but in a fabulous, “new” way!
Aloha –



Entrepreneur, Part Time Crafter, Chef, and Artist

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