Gravlax, Continued…

I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of the Gravlax project. Yes, all three of you who read my blog – I do so appreciate it!

To continue…Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning I basted the salmon fillet with the juices that exuded from it, making sure all of the dill got moistened each time. These juices were nice and syrupy – a combination of the brandy, the melted brown sugar and salt, and some moisture from the fillet itself. Sunday at noon I pulled the finished product from the refrigerator. The salmon fillet had significantly firmed up, which was a very good sign.  I scraped the dill off, using a butterknife in order to not cut into the fillet using anything sharp. No rinsing was necessary, although you will see recipes that do call for it. And then it was on to thinly slicing the fillet. And tasting of course!

It tasted fantastic! It was definitely not the lox I am used to being served. Where lox is typically just salt cured, gravlax has the added benefit of spices. The brown sugar gave this gravlax a deeper flavor, as opposed to just a sweetness. You could taste the brandy, the dill, and the salt. I loved the texture as well. Firmer than lox with a nice chew, but not chew-y. It all just melded so well. Once we did it up in our traditional brunch manner it got even better!

An onion bagel, cream cheese, capers, red onion and a squeeze of lemon to accompany fresh, homemade gravlax. What a way to feast for Sunday brunch! One tip – place your capers on top of the cream cheese and squish them down slightly. No more escaping capers! Want a more traditional way to serve? Place slices on a dark, firm pumpernickel bread, top with a mustard dill sauce and a sprig of fresh dill.

If lox, salmon, smoked salmon, or gravlax is something you enjoy I challenge you to try this. It is easier (and tastier!) than I ever would have thought.





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